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Your time is precious, your efforts must focus on the results, not on the means to achieve them.

Your business area largely determines the various operations to be carried out. However, you have a lot of latitude as to how to do them. It is with your software that you can distinguish yourself from your competitors and shine with your customers.

Do you experience one or more of these situations:

  • Your software is not flexible enough;
  • Part of the job is done outside of your software;
  • The data:
    • Is entered more than once;
    • The accumulated data is not always reliable;
    • Is scattered in several places.
  • There are several versions of the same document;
  • Excel is used in all situations;
  • Your employees tinker with their software tools to get the job done.

Yes, then your tools are not adequate. These situations slow down the work of employees, increase the possibility of errors, make your business look bad to customers and cause frustration for staff.


“A tailor-made solution allows you to free up time for your other tasks.”

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Gilles Plante

As a developer with 25+ years of experience in different business sectors I offer you my services to design tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs, which will add efficiency, flexibility and precision to your processes. The expertise of a technology enthusiast and the thoroughness of a responsible professional will be at your service.

These solutions can take several forms, for example:

  • Your software is missing functionalities:
    • It is possible to create new software incorporating these functionalities, connected to your current software;
  • Your business area is so particular that nothing is available on the market;
    • A complete solution can be created implementing the functionalities specific to your activities.

Heterogeneous or mixed environment

Whether you use one or more platforms as part of your operations, I am able to create applications that meet your needs.


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I consider each client to be unique and has its own needs. In order to properly perform my work, I need to get acquainted with your activities, it is essential. It is also important to have a global vision of the situation, so that the solution is well integrated into your business. This is how I can make a positive contribution to your activities.